web philosophy

Autonomy & freedom: be independent
CHOC 02 = dynamic sites (easily updated) often powered by SPIP
The website broadcast owner can easily add and create additional web pages, update site content with articles, text, pictures, videos and all documents that need updating, modifying and adding content, all this can be done independently without needing our intervention.
_ Hosting and domain names are the exclusive property of the client, who retains full freedom of movement and further development.

Economy: exchange and free
SPIP is a free software, open source and free of charge in constant evolution. It is updated by the developers’ community on an ongoing basis. The latest version is used during the website design phase.
All software required for site maintenance (office, image processing, video and sound) used in the website have the same characteristics.

Durability: expect the unexpected
Choc02 creates tools designed to last. Choice of graphics based on classicism or completely out of the box. Site architecture is planned, designed and implemented to adapt to future changes in business and technology.
Codes respect all the current web standards, XHTML, 1 Strict as well as all platforms and browsers (such as Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc...). Use of JavaScript provided it does not unduly disrupts page loading and website functioning.

Accessibility: From Haute-Loire (France) to Cotonou (Benin)
Easy user friendly web pages, with audio and video streaming, special attention to enable website access to all users either broadband or dial up.
Optimized referencing: either through natural search or sponsored links.
On demand we can provide easy access features to people with disabilities such as readability on laptops and touch screen cell phones as well as other medias.

Individualism : Me, myself and I...
We are committed to design tools whose aesthetics and functionality are exclusive and tailored for each project.
No standardized solutions, no image bank, our philosophy is to listen, exchange and research so at to conceive a custom-made tool.
We are more interested in the people and their stories than standardized marketing techniques.

Pierre248 & Jean369 pour choc02

PS. : The use of free software is the liberty to understand and modify the software = perenity, autonomy, adapted to yours necessities. To promote this, CHOC 02 is membership of APRIL